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In our town there are a lot of cultural, entertainment and sports events every year. We recommend to check the information about outcoming events here: town council webpage www.darlowo.pl, Darlowo Culture Centre webpage www.dokdarlowo.pl

Our friendly town offers a lot of attractions:

  • clean, sunny beaches
  • many culture and entertainment events, among others:
    - Historical Military Vehicles Meeting (www.zlot-darlowo.pl)
    - Culture and Entertainment Festival of Darlowo – Balty Media I Sztuka www.mediaisztuka.darlowo.pl
  • hiking trails, bike lanes and walking paths
  • sports centres
  • spa and wellness resorts and sanatoriums
  • And many more attractions organized by the town's authorities and others

You can also find in our town (www.darlowo.pl/pl/?page=atrakcje):

  • Water park with heated filtrated sea water, two large slides, olimpic swimming pool, bowling and SPA (www.parkwodny.net)
  • Lots of SPA and wellness resorts with relaxation and healing treatment
  • A wide range of catering and entertainment places with local sea food and lots of fun activities
  • air in the Baltic sea area in Darlowo and Darlowko contains several minerals including iodine molecules that provide health benefits, you can also admire pinewoods and sunny, clean beaches,
  • lots of must see places e.g. Zamek Książąt Pomorskich (Pomeranian Duke's Castle) – www.zamekdarlowo.pl, a town hall, a stone gate, Kościół Mariacki (St Mary's Church) – the oldest Gothic church, a lighthouse situated in the most westerly point of mainland, the only bascule bridge in Poland, Fisherman's Monument – Fountain,
  • local pubs and restaurants with a variety of food and beverages,
  • lots of sightseeing places,
  • a big lido,
  • seaside or pinewood view biking or hiking tours
  • sea fishing or sea cruises at sunset, also one-day's trip to Bornholm
  • annual Historical Military Vehicles Meeting (www.zlot-darlowo.pl)
  • annual Culture and Entertainment Festival of Darlowo – Balty Media i Sztuka (www.mediaisztuka.pl)
    You can find all of these places and many more on the map: www.plan.darlowo.pl

If you are not convinced enough to come to Darlowo we hope you will be after seeing this short video

Enjoy watching and be our guest

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